Series 6 consisted of a total of 7 teams across 15 ecpisodes.

Team 1: Matt, Razar, Ben and John from Bath


Team 1's quest was for the Crown and lasted 37 minutes.

Level 1

Lord Fear froze Matt after detecting his spying, so they used a ESCAPE spell.

In Wolfenden centre, they bought a dragon mint from Ah Wok and rejected an "invisible sword" from Julius Scaramonger.

Just before boarding Smirkenorff, they met Ridolfo and told him that Lord Fear was sending the Dreadnort to kill everyone. Paid Smirkenorff with a dragon mint and took off...

Level 2

Sidriss' first appearance. Matt helped Motley and Sidriss banish a pooka by providing some moondust. Sidriss thanked him with a SAMURAI spell.

Lord Fear found out that they were spying on him and stuck his giant hand into the adventure.

The SAMURAI spell was used against Sylvester Hands, who tried to tie Matt up.

The team ask Sly for a favour. Upon dispelling, Sly gave them a password, which they used for the Dreadnort.


In return for witch amber, Heggatty levitated Matt to a high door with a Crown symbol.


On the other side, fell off the causeway.


Team 2: Sumayya, Ruminder, Karminy and Zamina from London


Team 2's quest was for the Shield and lasted 38 minutes.

Treguard: "Ah, London. I'm not surprised, I don't suppose they have many adventures there."

Level 1

Lord Fear freezes Sidriss when he discovers her spying on him.

Sumayya reports this to Elita later, who advises her to find Hordriss with a summoning spell.

On the causeway, they take Elita's advice to keep on the even numbers.


Ah Wok tells them the summoning procedure required for Hordriss.  

Ah Wok: "Do a complete turn... and shout Marefact three times."

When nothing happens, they realise that it should be "Malefact", accounting for Ah Wok's accent.

Hordriss appears, rather angry, but pays attention when the team mention that Sidriss was trapped. Got the Blocker password in return.

They have no fare for Smirkenorff, so he just asks who they think are the best type of dragons. "You are," Sumayya says, making him rather happy, and they earn the ride as he "just happened to be going in that direction". Right.

Level 2

Lord Fear dips his fingers into the adventure.

'Welcome to Witch-Haven'. Peggatty keeps shooting fireballs, so they drink a Shield potion


Sumayya sings a nursery rhyme to Ridolfo and earns the sequence to the causeway.

They offer Heggatty a firestone, but she wanted some Witchamber which they didn't pick up earlier, even though a scroll gave the hint. So they don't get a password...


The Dreadnort... "With no word, you have reached journey's end."


Treguard: "Ooooooooh, nasty."


In July 2004, Sumayya, the dungeoneer in this team, posted on the Forum and signed the Guestbook. Here is what she wrote:

What is your name? Sumayya

How did you find this website? Through a Search Engine

Where are you from? Buckinghamshire

I was on Knightmare in 1991/92 (can't remember!) as a dungeoneer. It was fab! Have great memories of the whole experience. Spent a week up in Norwich and my 'team' and I had so much fun. Treguard and Pickle were lovely. Will also always remember the team in front of us. Pity it's not on anymore, we could do with more intelligent shows like this.

In 2004, Sumayya posted on the Forum (username: pixie), discussing her quest. 

I appeared on Knightmare in 1991/92 (it's been so long now I can't remember!), when I was 14/15 years of age. But I do have really fond memories of the whole experience (from the auditions, to satying up in Norwich 4 a week, filmimg etc and having a load of FUN along the way) and they'll stay with me forever. btw I wouldn't call myself a fanatic fan of the show or anything but I wish they'd bring it back!

More of her forum comments can be read in this thread.

Team 3: Alan, Jim, Nic and Mark from St. Albans


Team 3's quest was for the Sword and lasted 47 minutes.

Level 1

Sylvester Hands, posing as the hero Coonan the Vegetarian, invites Alan for a drink in the inn.

Lord Fear sends the Samurai to Ah Wok, and the team dispels it because they had overheard the spell from a spyglass. A delighted Ah Wok offers a bar of silver and the password in return for gold.

Ridolfo strolls into the inn, exposes Sly and sends him on his way. Team gives Ridolfo a musical scroll and gets a causeway code.

Level 2

Sidriss upset because she lost her cat and thinks she's ugly.

Lord Fear has a box containing a Medusa Eye.

Peggatty fires at Alan.

At the Rocks of Bruin, Lord Fear appears as Harris (Hordriss' beggar guise from Series 5), and exchanges the Medusa Eye box for gold.


They give the box to Heggatty, who opens it while Alan shields his face. It turns that Medusa Eyes don't work on witches.

They get a BEAUTY spell for Sidriss, then summon her and cast it. She gives them the Dreadnort password Scarify in return.

Level 3

Board the Cloudwalker and meet Elita, who tells them to get off before Captain Nemanor finds out. Instead they find clues.


They choose to use a spyglass in which Lord Fear tells Captain Nemanor that stowaways are on board. Nemanor will kill anyone found on his ship.

Elita reappears. She says she will help them if they steal a firestone from Ariadne's new lair for her to give to Smirkenorff.

They reenter the dwarf tunnels and narrowly escape Skarkill, who is rumoured to be travelling with the hobgoblin, Tiny.


On a causeway. Not fast enough for the Frightknight's red dot.


News Picture from Anglia Television

'Hordriss' for Friday, October 23rd 1992


Team 4: January, Sarah, Sarah and Sian from Shrewsbury


Team 4's quest was for the Crown and lasted 35 minutes.

Level 1

A wonderfully scripted Level 1. A tiff between Motley and Sidriss - "a tale of unrequited love" - has led to the jester being shrunk by a MOUSE spell, leaving him hiding in a box to avoid the cat. The team carry him to find Sidriss so she can return him to normal size, on the promise of help afterwards. It gives them a dilemma when faced with the clue objects.

Pickle: "This is unfair, master! January should be able to choose two objects. But with Motley in that box, she's only got one spare hand."

Treguard: "A dilemma, certainly, but not one without a solution. They could simply choose to abandon Motley. After all, he's of doubtful value..."

The team seek reassurance from Motley about what he might provide should he be successfully restored to his normal size. Motley manages to convince them that he is worth retaining as one of their two permitted objects. They keep him, and take the humorously misread 'Deforest' power. They almost go astray on the causeway, however. Pickle has to warn them after they are almost deceived by the pattern of numbers.


The team had learnt through the spyglass that Sidriss had been captured in a charm. An almighty row between Lord Fear and Hordriss sees the mage threaten to split Mount Fear in two and turn the remains into volcanic dust. Fear remains undeterred, and threatens in turn to throw Sidriss into the Goblin Pens. When January finds her, she throws the Defrost Powder over her to release her, just as the goblins arrive to collect. Sidriss struggles to guide them all free from the goblins, running straight into their path in the dwarf tunnels. They eventually flee across a lake in a rowing boat.

In return for freeing Sidriss, she agrees to return Motley to his normal size. Motley gives them the Dreadnort password. Into the Descender and down to...

Level 2

They release Ridolfo who was stuck in the pillory after an indiscretion with Lady Brinkatore.

Lord Fear says that his ring has been stolen and instructs his henchmen to find it. He detects the team spying and sends down a stormgeist.


Julius Scaramonger is (not surprisingly) interested in the ring and offers 3 bars of silver for it. They persuade him that a red stone would be better as a gift. Eventually he agrees, but their hesitation over taking witch amber leads to them being given an spell scroll to turn swords rusty.


Then they encounter Sylvester Hands, who is determined to blow his horn to call some nice people to take January away. In panic, they offer him the ring...


Sly was delighted... He makes for the retreating January, ties her up, and takes her away...


Is that the original Life Force death? Yup. Very Knice.

Treguard: "The ring wasn't for selling, girls. It was for using!"

The Quest - Sarah Halsall

Issue 2-1, Page 7 and Issue 2-2, Page 2

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