Team 7: Chris, Nicholas, Gavin and Simon from Ruislip were the last team in progress at the end of series 6. Hordriss intervenes the adventure in an emergency to tell Treguard that Lord Fear has released the red dragon to destroy the dungeon.

Hordriss: "Listen to my voice and listen hard. My power grows weaker as it approaches. Lord Fear has released the red dragon to attack your stronghold, and to settle the game once and for all. It was the last straw when Greystagg rejected his alliance."

"The beast is airborn and on its way. Prepare for the worst!"

Smirkenorff could not help because he had been weakened by Elita's capture. Treguard instructs the team to forget about the sword and retrieve a lightning rod to bring down the dragon. They are to seek the rod from Captain Nemanor's ship (after informing the Captain of the danger, of course).

Captain Nemanor: "I believe you, boy. The truth often has an unpleasant ring about it. The lightning rod you seek is beneath this deck... Tell your Treguard to aim well, and not to miss."

Chris picks up the lightning rod beneath the deck and heads for the portal underneath the hatch to get to the Dwarf Tunnel.

Pickle: "Come on, Chris! Nearly there! Come on!!" (everyone shouts). Chris sprints.

Treguard promptly ushers Chris to safety and orders Pickle to collect the mace.

Treguard: "When I give the word, strike the Quest Table. First, cross my hand. Are you ready?"

Pickle: "Ready Master!"

Treguard: "NOW"

Treguard holds the lightning rod towards the magic mirror. As Pickle strikes the quest table with the mace, a bolt of lightning strikes across the mirror. The red dragon is shot and killed.

The team have gone, due to the strike upon the Quest Table. Treguard and Pickle wonder where the dragon has ended up. The view changes to its smoking carcass. We hear Lord Fear cursing, before seeing him trying to crawl out from underneath it.

Lord Fear: "Skarkill! Skarkill! Get me out of this. Just - where are you, you imbecile?"

Skarkill: "Fearship... Lordship. I can't! It's got me an'all. This is very unlovely. Its gone and bust me other leg an'all."

Lord Fear: "Ah, Treguard! Gloating are you? Well, you laugh, but we'll have the last laugh!

We'll be back! Bigger, bolder, badder and better equipped. And as for your dungeoneers...


Treguard: "Hmmm. He means it, you know? The comforting thing is, that whenever the loud challenge rings out, whenever the braggart brays, wherever the bully hurls his abuse, there are always a few quieter folk prepared to simply stoop and pick up the gauntlet. And it will be thrown down again, you can count on that."

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