Series 2 consisted of a total of 13 teams across 16 episodes.

Team 1: Martin, John, Tony and Lee from Sunderland


Team 1's quest was for the sword and lasted 9 minutes, 40 seconds. [The shortest quest in Knightmare]

Level 1


Door clue from Folly and Gretel in this room (used only once).


Clue room wall monster: Olgarth.
Score: 2.

Gave password to Gumboil to pass through bridge.

Advisor: "You are on the edge of a ledge!"


Mildread impersonates an advisor to guide Martin to the well.

Treguard commands her to stop.

Team had nothing to offer Mildread.

Mildread sends them to the bomb room.



Blown up, as they did not earn the secret of the gauntlet's use.


Team 2: Claire, Kerry, Michelle and Cheryl from Shropshire


Team 2's quest was for the shield and lasted 17 minutes.

Level 1


Room of choice. Chose knight door (it was symbolic to their quest).


Clue room wall monster: Igneous.
Score: 3.
Clue: "The cup is of bitter taste" and a password.

Lillith tried to guide Clare into the pit.


Used a LITTLE spell to shrink the Troll and escape.

Password to Gumboil guarding the wellway.

Level 2

Cedric (as usual) guarded the first room of Level 2. He let Claire take the "grub" even though they only got one of his riddles correct.

Cavernwraith in clue room.



They had no magic, which they could have earned from Cedric, to use against it.


Team 3: Christopher, Kenneth, Paul, and Chris from Merseyside


Team 3's quest was for the chalice and lasted 30 minutes.

Level 1


Unusual first room (used just once this series). Involved ringing a bell to make a platform come down to create a bridge to cross a chasm.


Clue room wall monster: Granitas.

Score: 2.

Olaf's first appearance, in the Vale of Worms.

Gave him an item to pass through.


Mildread freezes Treguard and tries to impersonate him, telling Chris to get into the well.

Level 2

Met Folly, earned a WEB spell.

Met Cedric.

They had no password to give him, so trapped him using the WEB spell.


Picked up charm in the clue room, but it turned out to be a destructor (Life Force drain).

Mogdred appeared.


Bumptious let them blow up the mine to reveal an exit.

Met Mogdred on the bridge.


Mogdred attempted to grab Chris with a giant hand.

Level 3

Blew a horn to bring down the wall of Jericho.


Merlin gave a UNITAS spell, while also getting rid of the lingering Cavernwight.


Met a Gargoyle, "Doom, Doom, Doom..." he repeated, so the team hurry away on Treguard's advice.


Medusa: since they did not take the shield from the clue room to reflect her stare, they - the entire team - were turned into stone. No Life Force death sequence used here, nor Treguard's usual spellcasting of DISMISS.



Team 4: Mark, Daniel, Matthew and Jonathan from Witney


Team 4's quest was to free the maid and lasted 40 minutes.

Level 1

Met Folly in the card room, where they were given a clue on which card to choose.

Earned a clue from Gretel the maid in the Dungeon kitchen.

Scored three in Igneous's challenge, and gained a bonus. Told that their quest was to 'Free the Maid' and he also received clues on which objects to take from the table.


After passing the bomb room and Lillith's domain, they stumbled across Gumboil the Guard who wanted a password for access to the wellway into level 2. With no password, they bribed him with some gold and eventually they were let through.

Level 2

Met Cedric in the first room of Level 2 and had to persuade him Mark was his friend, and not an enemy. They eventually succeeded, and Cedric agreed to join Mark on his quest.


In the next room, they encountered Gumboil again, but Cedric hit him with his stick, and they got through. Cedric was not so tough when they entered Ariadne's Lair in the next room. He ran off and left Mark to collect the first quest letter. This was an F.

Earned a spell in Merlin's chamber (which doubled as a clue room for this team), and met Olaf on the bridge.

In the next room was a Catacombite. They froze it using a FREEZER spell, so they could claim the second letter. They used a candle to light up the next room, which had a wellway into level 3.

Level 3

Cavernwights present.


To get past the Gargoyle they had to convince him that he wasn't so ugly, and eventually a door was revealed when he changed colour from blue to red. They also earned a spell, SUN.

In the next room, they picked up the third letter and met Merlin, who gave a SLEEP spell and some advice.

Passed more sleeping Cavernwights to redeem a Sprig of Energy in the next room.

Then they encountered Mogdred in the same room as they were in at the beginning of the level!


He asked Mark if he would agree to serve him. The team said, "No." Mogdred said, "I enjoy observing fear ... I'll enjoy observing yours", followed by his evil laugh.


The next room was the stained glass window room, where they used a SUN spell to reveal which path to take.

Whoops! Looks like they strayed off the path and were let off!

Some great computer effects used for the scene with the dragon:


At first, the dragon was not visible, as it was not lit up! They also thought he was a crocodile! The team used a SLEEP spell and passed through, after some dispute about how to get to the exit. They eventually entered the last room of the quest, where they had to pick up the final letter...

Continued on the Winners page.


In December 1999, Dan Allen, the spell caster in this team, signed the Guestbook. Here is what he wrote:

Wow... this is amazing to see. I was the spell caster in the first team that ever won Knightmare (Mark, our Dungeoneer, who's still a good mate of mine, pointed this site out to me.) And there was me thinking everyone had forgotten...

I agree with the other comments - it was a great series (even more fun to play than to watch!) and should be reinstated forthwith. Congratulations on the site - it must have taken a lot of effort, and it's very good!

Cheers, Dan.

In March 2000, Mark Wickson, the dungeoneer in this team, signed the Guestbook. Here is what he wrote:

Greetings from me, Mark Wickson, the first winning dungeoneer.

I've just got on the internet, and think the site is great (Nice to see that someone remembers us!).


Team 5: Tony, Craig, Tony and Dean from Ashford in Kent


Team 5's quest was for the crown and lasted 25 minutes.

Level 1


Clue room wall monster: Olgarth

Score: 2

Chose knight path.

Took a whole chicken to restore Life Force!

As they tried to avoid the pits in the beam room, at one stage the dungeoneer ran in the direction of a pit, and just as he was about to step over the edge, the camera changed shots to the advisors, and only cut back when they were back on the path again. Possibly they were let off?

Mildread turned her cauldron into a wellway in exchange for some bat wings.

Gretel was there and she told them that their quest was for the crown, as well as giving a DOWN spell.

Went down the well... and into the Monster's Stomach. Mildread had tricked them!

Used a DOWN spell to make an exit

Level 2

Merlin appeared in first room, but was not much help as his "Spirit Level" communication was disrupted.


Clues from the Oracle of Confusion in the clue room, including a hint to "accept the challenge".


Chased by the Automatum across bridge.

Met a Catacombite.

Treguard: "You needed the gauntlet to subdue this monster, it was the challenge you were told to accept but you declined it."


With nothing to stop the monster, and Life Force on red, they quickly made an exit into a dark room. Mogdred appeared.


Mogdred: "Welcome to one of Mogdred's little play pens, dungeoneer. Play a while. Play forever!!" [evil laugh]

Their quest ended here. Not nice.


Team captain and advisor Tony Lee Williams has written an article about his team's audition for Knightmare, and another for Gollancz.


Team 6: Akash, Tanya, Carrie and Kirsten from Surrey


Team 6's quest was for the sword and lasted 10 minutes.

Level 1

Convinced the Troll that Akash was horrible to eat. The Troll, in his gratitude, offers a TRUTH spell.

Almost blown up by a bomb in the short bomb-room. The team's reaction speaks for itself.


Clue room wall monster: Igneous

Score: 1

They cast a TRUTH spell at the first question, but fail to answer any more.


Unable to give Lillith an ice pack to cure her headache. They did not earn enough information from Igneous.


Lillith: "So crumble ledge and Akash too..."


A nasty end to a very short quest.

This quest was unusual as it was the only quest in Series 2 that did not start with the Wheel of Fate. It is believed that this team may have had their quest restarted to enable them to get the TRUTH spell from the Troll and guarantee themselves at least one correct answer in the clue room, though this is unconfirmed.


In May 2002, Akash Ram Tarrey, the dungeoneer in this team signed the guestbook. Here is what he wrote:

Knightmare was the best programme to be on. The reason we lost was because we got in to a confusion by thinking we needed the Poison to protect us. Great website.

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