The characters of series 2 were similar to those of series 1, both the opposition and the powers that be.

Treguard - The Dungeon Master

Treguard sometimes offers advice to the teams, and sometimes not. Occasionally he commands some of the characters in the dungeon who are not playing by the rules.

Bumptious - The Miner

Usually begins official enquiry proceedings if he thinks the dungeoneer is up to no good, or does not have a permit or clue word to get pass. He usually asks three riddles, and then determines if you are guilty of being a human etc. and might give clues for the team's quest. Usually found in level 2.

Folly - The Jester

Folly taught tricks to dungeoneers, gave spells, clues and advice, and usually wants little in return.

Gretel - The Maid

As with Folly, she is on the good side of the dungeon. Again, a rich source of help for little in return.


She guards the snake-mouth chasm of level 1, known as 'Lillith's Lair'. Killed a couple of dungeoneers by doing her favorite hobby - crumbling ledges. Likes potion, hates almost everything else. Lillith is not easily persuaded, and has the power to overpower Treguard.

The Oracle of Confusion

Treguard: "To hear it speak, shut your eyes tightly, and raise the helmet slightly."

This level 2 ghost only appeared a once in this series in Episode 6. A source of information for the teams for a short while.

Cedric - The Mad Monk

Cedric sets riddles for dungeoneers and is usually seen on the first room of level 2 after traveling down the wellway.

Also occasionally guarded the wellway to level 3, and killed a dungeoneer by hitting him with his stick because they didn't have a password!

Merlin - The Wizard

Always asks you riddles in return for clues and magic. Appears in his very own chamber in level 2 and appears again in level 3 to offer teams additional help to complete their quests.

Mildread - The Witch

Enjoys tricking dungeoneers, sometimes wanting something for her cauldron. Occasionally she offers the odd piece of magic in return for something, but gets a lot of pleasure out of impersonating Treguard or an advisor.


Terrific at scaring dungeoneers (and watchers!). Enjoys encouraging teams to make a wrong decision.

Mogdred: "Quail intruder. Look upon Mogdred and quail."

Found in the lower levels.

Olaf - The Viking

Olaf: "Lootings, lootings..."

He popped up all over the dungeon, fairly easily persuaded.

Gumboil - The Guard

One of the guards of the level 2 wellway into level 3. Demanded a password for passage.

The Troll

Always seen in this ledge place in level 1. Would often suddenly feel hungry when dungeoneers appear, but it would usually to trick or persuade it not to eat you.

Casper - The Key

Casper was sometimes found in the level 2 clue room. Dungeoneers who took Casper with them would benefit from his knowledge of unlocking doors later.

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