Cast/Crew Projects

A few Knightmare actors have appeared in various TV drama shows in recent weeks.

New information is available regarding latest appearances by Knightmare actors.

Hugo Myatt (Treguard) has done some voice work on the new computer game 'Black & White', which is made by Lionhead.

John Woodnutt (Merlin / Mogdred) was recently spotted in a Mastercard advert.

David Learner, who played Treguard's original assistant in Knightmare, is currently presenting the 'Sunday Lunch' show on X-CEL FM which broadcasts to Fenland, Cambridgeshire on 107.1 and 107.5FM. The show focuses on the local theatre and music events/groups, as well as playing 60s-80s and some 90s music.

David also recently signed my Guestbook:

This was extraordinary. They tell me that Knightmare changed lives. Being part of it was one thing and you don't see it when you're that close. But now all these years on and brought up to date by the global village I couldn't possibly have believed there was so much love for this series.

When I started acting someone said to me, "If you want to get ahead, get a cult." In the course of my career I got two. Knightmare, it seems, continues to change lives. I know it changed mine. A brilliant site. Well done!

Thanks to Debbie Glover for this information, and to David for signing the Guestbook!

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